A Glass Half Full

A Glass Half Full

ISBN 978-0091795337

Whilst undergoing test in a clinic for a mysterious and debilitating illness, Felix Dennis felt a sudden compulsion to try his hand at a ‘spot of poetry’: That was September 13, 1999. I know because I automatically inserted the date at the top, as is my habit, when making notes in the office.

I did not write another poem until August 2000, after the first line had paced unbidden within my thoughts for some days, like a dog carrying its lead to an absent minded owner. In early October 2000 I began seriously to get down to it working three to five hours every day writing or revising poetry. It felt like a dam had broken.

Seventeen months later, there are 303 poems in my groaning slip file – a file which accompanies me wherever I travel. The ‘spot of poetry’ has become a fully fledged obsession. It comes every day, relentlessly, in tidal wave after tidal wave. Once i deliberately attempted a week without reading or composing any poetry. I cracked after four days. Marooned in a sea of verse, I do not desire to ever reach land again.

"I enjoyed A Glass Half Full more than I can possibly say. Brilliant!"
— Helen Gurley Brown, International Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan

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