All the young dudes…

All the young dudes, growin’ old,
   Wanna get their story told,
Wanna see their names in print,
   Write a bio’— make a mint.

All the young dudes, wearin’ specs,
   Waitin’ on retirement cheques,
Takin’ stairlifts up to heaven —
   Lift broke back in ’sixty-seven.

All the young dudes, gettin’ frail,
   Hair a whiter shade of pale,
Thinkin’ back to glory days,
   Memories a purple haze.

All the young dudes, short on cash,
   Hittin’ wine insteada hash,
Got no use for LSD —
   Drugs come from the pharmacy.

All the young dudes — cut to fade,
   Gettin’ limp insteada laid,
Life’s a bitch and two’s a crowd —
   Crank the volume way up loud.