What Readers and Critics say about the Poetry of Felix Dennis

“He writes the most profound poetry about the most simple, natural things. Regardless of all the money, he is still in touch with his soul
— still in touch with the world. I admire him for that. A deep poet, a deep thinker, who has a real connection with nature.
He has an almost God-like voice. Felix Dennis is one of those poets that can take a very small  idea and make it really big.
That’s a good poem. Or he can take a very big idea and make it really small. That’s a good poet.”
— Benjamin Zephaniah poet, The Book Show, Sky Arts

“Felix Dennis is the real thing—a genuine poet. I love reading his verse and you will too.”
— Stephen Fry actor, writer, director

“Normally, I only pretend to like poetry, but with Felix’s stuff I hardly have to pretend at all. Annoyingly good.”
—Hugh Grant actor

“I did not go gently into that dark room, but within minutes I knew that we were in the company of talent… at once wise and
maddeningly childish, optimistic and grim.”
— Dawn French actor and comedienne

“His poetry sings like a summer breeze through the fairground.”
— Sir Paul McCartney songwriter and musician

“This is marvellous stuff…  a 21st century Kipling. He rollicks and rolls with rhyme, meter, and melody.”
— Tom Wolfe critic and author

“Great quality and memorability. At least one of these poems will be instantly anthologised.”
— Melvyn Bragg broadcaster and author

“I enjoy his poetry immensely.”
— Mick Jagger singer, songwriter

“…an engaging monster, filled with contradictions and reeking of sulphur.”
The Times

“I enjoyed A Glass Half Full more than I can possibly say.  Brilliant!”
— Helen Gurley Brown Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan

“A fantastic collection! Rich, sumptuous and beautifully threaded.”
— Jon Snow Channel 4 broadcaster

What a total, utter joy to receive a copy of Felix Dennis’s latest collection of poetry… [Homeless In My Heart] is almost guaranteed to be one of
the biggest-selling books of new poetry in the UK.  He gives us a volume packed with unpretentious poems drawn largely from his own life,
experiences and observations—this is what makes them so real, so readable and, above all, so enjoyable.
— Richard Fair bbc.co.uk

“He writes like a man obsessed…   If Waugh were still alive, he would fall on Dennis’s verse with a glad cry of recognition and approval.”
— John Walsh The Independent

“I don’t think I have ever known such a sense of celebration and occasion in all of the years of our poetry programme. You feel he lived it so richly,
so dangerously, so that he could be so wise for our delight.”
— Dr. Robert Woof Director, The Wordsworth Trust

“Felix is a pirate and a passionate poet… an evening to remember.”
— Michael Boyd Artistic Director, Royal Shakespeare Company

“Felix Dennis has done a restoration job on the state of poetry in this country. In an age when poets have forgotten how to sing, or scorn to do so, he sings
like the heavenly Muse. As with Pablo Neruda, he has that simple ability to throw language like a dress over experience and make the mundane marvellous.”
— Christopher Rush author

“There are some lovely moments. [His] material reads like poetry from a bygone age, when the poet was an aristocrat of the language.”
— Simon Armitage The Times

“It is so rare one comes across a modern poet whose talent leaps off of every page and who has had the good grace to respect poetry by using rhyme,
paying attention to cadence, and, at the same time, so involving you in each poem, you forget these necessary structures. Not since the Welsh poet-magician,
Dylan Thomas, has a British poet seemed so well poised to gain a wide audience…”
— Alan Caruba, Editor  bookviews.com

“A Glass Half Full is funny, poignant and a breath of fresh air.”
— Sarah Broadhurst The Bookseller

“Dennis confronts issues ranging from the holocaust to Elvis with equal poetic and emotional skill. The verse sweeps from darkly poignant to
hilariously funny.”
— John Severs Ottakar’s New Title Reviews

“A knockout! Full of wisdom, compassion, humour and worldly insight.”
— Richard Neville author and broadcaster

“Serious, witty, thought provoking and moving. You may even cry! I loved it.”
Dave Reynolds Radio Warwick

“I don’t know which is better: hearing [him] read them aloud or reading the book itself. Deftly amusing on first hearing, his verse repays much
closer inspection.”
— Dotun Adebayo BBC Radio London

“A Glass Half Full is the poetry of real life…. the power to raise a smile in one who never laughs; to wring tears from another who hasn’t wept since kindergarten;
and to bring a measure of consolation to the inconsolable.”
— Anita Lafford sculptor

“The way poetry should be. The sort of book that can make poetry popular again.”
Alex Frankel amazon.co.uk

“…ingeniously executed, impishly absurd, wryly insightful.”
Heidi Dawlet Media Life

“An unforgettable evening… to hear him perform was awe-inspiring.”
— Sandy Holt The Stratford-upon-Avon Herald

“Many people were deeply moved by the humanity of his verse and by the range of his experience [in these] haunting poems.”
Tom Wujec Director, TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design)
Conference, Monterey, California

“Those of you who missed Felix Dennis at his UK-wide tour appearances should weep.  By the fourth poem he had the audience drinking out of his hand.”
Don Barnard Reviews Gate.com

“One can recreate the visual image so clearly — hearing, sense of touch, sense of smell — they are so evocative in his poetry. It’s enthralling.”
Isobel Yule National Library for the Blind

“He’s a joy to have as a British person.”
Chris Hughes Publishing Director, Good Housekeeping

“I have been the poetry editor of this imprint for over a quarter of a century and I will resign, quite simply I will resign, if we are forced to publish this…
this populist rubbish.  It will contaminate out reputation and hurl modern poetry back into the dark ages.  Never, never, never!”
— Poetry Editor refusing a request to publish Lone Wolf.

“Dennis is a crouching tiger about to wreak mayhem amongst the bleating lambs of English poetry.”
— Mick Farren novelist and poet

“ Felix Dennis… you are a fraud. [You are] swindling the muse.”
— Michael Horovitz poet,  Prospect magazine.

“Dennis is a literary star in his own right. He makes it look easy — damn him!  I couldn’t put the book down. Just one question remains: what took Dennis
so long to come out as a poet? And are there more where these came from? God, I hope so!”
Z. Menthos critic.org

“Felix Dennis is a poet of the Kipling, Frost or even Rod McKuen variety….  It will not take long for the world to realize his genius and voice.
His poetry is that good.”
— Claudia VanLydegraf myshelf.com

“The embodiment of irony, A Glass Half Full contains the best poetry in decades.  His complex truths are told in a simple way, often accompanied by
a devilish sense of humor.”
— Jed Pressgrove, The Reflector, College Publisher Network

“A one of a kind book. Some poems [are] delicious, deeply sensitive and serious; others [are] humorous, even bawdy. For poetry lovers with a liking for dry humor
and much wit…  I highly recommend it. Five stars.”
— Elizabeth R. Mastin amazon.com

“In all honesty I would happily pay to see him again and again. If all poetry was written with the same passion, humour and senses of nostalgia and morality as this,
then poetry would once again be one of the foremost art forms in this country.”
— Martin G. Bryant amazon.co.uk

“Felix Dennis gives us poetry with roots in the 60s and a 21st-century relevance.  I could rave on, but I won’t. Get your own copy and settle down with a
glass of vino — you have hours of enjoyment ahead.”
— Hilary Williamson bookloons.com

“A true poet. Sometimes moving, sometimes amusing, his words are beautifully crafted, accessible, fascinating and unforgettable. To watch him performing
is pure magic.”
— Clare Fitzsimmons Stratford Observer

“His poetry is like cappuccino — a light frothy top conceals a dark strong flavour.  Startlingly humorous with profound observations on life.”
— Ron Westrich Stratford Herald

“A Glass Half Full is the most satisfying collection of poetry I have ever read. Poignant,… humorous…  mesmerizing.”
— Tracy Farnsworth roundtablereviews.com

“The poetry of Felix Dennis makes you feel that you were there, or that you wish you had been there. The poet conveys the moment as does a scent that can
transport you in a second to another place, another time. Dennis knows how to convey intensity of feeling: he can invoke sorrow as fast as regret, pain as
readily as passion, and love as tenderly as murderous rage.”
— Shirley Conran author

“Brilliant, grave, poignant, moving and elemental, Felix Dennis’s poetry is music written for the human voice. He succeeds in making his poetical language a
magnificent vehicle for emotional poetry with a subtlety and precision unapproachable by other means.”
— V. Sundaram, columnist and critic

“A poet’s job, says Felix Dennis, is to make us sit up and take notice — as an audience we not only did that but we also brayed for more at the
Stratford Literary Festival. His style is flamboyant, funny and thought-provoking. He himself is passionate, subversive, intelligent and honest. Felix has a
nationwide tour this autumn. If you get the chance, go. You’re in for a treat.”
— Jane Howard Leamington Spa Courier

“Vive la résitance! Vive Felix!”
— Hugh Muir The Guardian

“His poems stream with holy light and mellow anger.  Think of Charles Dickens or a medieval bard; think of the soft-footed rhythmic lope and relaxed
power of the panther and claw-sharp satires of modern life. Mesmerising and sad and funny. Unlike modern poets who hurl their poetry at you, Felix’s poetry
offers conversation. Admittedly it was conversation with a panther, which left me speechless, but then, that is the original meaning of the word ‘conversation’—
being intimate with another.”
—Catherine Glass Brits At Their Best.com

“Tip-top. This sylvan poet’s images are memorable, his simple language forceful.
Leafing through his new book you are constantly struck by happy phrases.”
— Tim Willis The Lady

“He writes accessible, structured verse… but what is interesting is that it has emotional range.”
— Penny Wark Financial Times

“Tales From The Woods is most beautiful book—a book that can’t fail to delight.”
— Harry Mead The Northern Echo

“It’s easy to see what makes him so popular. Simple but effective poetry delivering thoughtful and poignant insight without ever descending into
mawkishness or sentimentality.”
— Doug Johnstone The Big Issue Scotland

“Mr. Dennis is an entertaining firework of energy…a Catherine wheel throwing out ideas, cigarette ash and indignation…irresistibly quirky.”
— Sean Coughlan BBC News

“Felix Dennis is surely the rarest of big beasts in the contemporary forest of poetic endeavour. He is, for many, a star, a British poet of acknowledged,
profound spiritual impulse…someone you could spend hours with in the tavern of life.  Dennis’s poetry draws on fermented strength inducing melancholy,
madness, inspiration and inebriation of the senses in equal measure. His investment in ‘real’ life has yielded a return of  poetry that has become an abstract art, which,
in turn, becomes itself a great life form.
His poetry readings are not to be missed, extravaganzas that amount to a white knuckle roller coaster ride, enjoyable in the extreme. An evening that passes
in an instant —a  feast of frolics, frivolity, fun, fine wine and finer poetry.”
— Andy McDonald Edinburgh Guide

“A rich and wonderful collection of tree-related delights.”
— Tree News

“Funny, touching and generous…a  staggeringly enjoyable performance.”
— Victoria Nangle The Latest7.co.uk

“His poems are in equal parts amusing and melancholy… they are enjoyable, accessible, but still provoke thought. Each poem was met with enthusiastic applause.”
— Kiera Jones View From The Upper Circle.co.uk

“Homeless In My Heart is so brilliant I need to keep one by me. He grabs you and pulls you in from the first word. A master of his craft”
— Mary Doe amazon.co.uk